What's Happening?

ADA Walkway & Elevator Project Underway

Members have meet the “Executive Director’s Challenge” securing the final piece of funding for Project Accessibility 2017.  The work is currently in progress and expected to be completed by the end of December, 2017.

The project will make the CFFCM buildings and grounds ADA accessible to individuals with disabilities.

· Nationwide Lifts will furnish and install a vertical platform lift with a hydraulic drive system to travel the 12 feet between the Wulff Gallery upper floor and the Heritage Workshop on the bottom floor.

· Arrow Brook Construction will construct an elevated four-foot wide walkway from the existing museum porch to a new 36-feet by 12-feet deck on the front of the Wulff Gallery.  The walkway will be placed on pre-cast piers and comply with ADA slope requirements. 

Funding for the almost $55,000 project comes from the following: $37,500 from a USDA Rural Development Community Facilities Grant; $7000 from a Sullivan Renaissance Phase 2 Community Grant; $5000 from a Sullivan County Plans and Progress Grant; and $5500 from members of CFFCM.

Thanks to Ted Barnhart, Eric Beeby, Bob Colson, Wendy Finney, Jerry Girard, Glenn Pontier, Charles and Kathleen Previti, Ted Rogowski, Marlene Wertheim and Robert Yunich for their generous contributions.

The next project is construction of a wheel-chair accessible casting platform at the pond.  Contact the office to help, or call (845) 439-4810.


Samantha Mango