Hall of Fame

Roderick Haig-Brown

Roderick Haig-Brown (1908-1976) was an English-born, naturalist, fly fisher, author, philosopher, magistrate, educator and ardent conservationist.

He spent most of his adult life in British Columbia fishing for trout, salmon and steelhead.   Blessed with a graceful pen, he put words to deeds and actions that the non-angler could not only understand, but also truly appreciate.

He penned almost 30 books, including such noted works as A River Never Sleeps and the remarkable book series:  Fisherman’s Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter and wrote innumerable essays and articles for outdoor magazines and journals.  He pioneered a fundamental environmental awareness and appreciation for the beauty and wildlife of the Pacific Northwest amongst the populace of B.C., which ultimately helped to preserve the precious resources in the Campbell River watershed, the Adams’ River steelhead runs and king salmon in the Nimpkish River.

Samantha Mango