Hall of Fame

Robert Redford

Fifteen years ago, in 1992 Robert Redford brought Maclean’s story to life via the big screen in his movie of the same name, A River Runs Through It. Although this movie’s central theme was not about fly fishing, Redford exposed the general public and informed more people on the art and beauty of fly fishing than any other single individual or event in the history of the sport. This movie encouraged people to give it a try and ultimately, birthed a new generation of fly fishers The movie with in a year brought attention to the quality of water, fish, sport, the outdoors, sound conservation measures and environmental awareness. The fly fishing industry, community and organizations received a new breath of life. Those who found enjoyment and pleasure in flyfishing continue to share in the pleasures of outdoor sport. We honor Robert Redford for his work in bringing this magnificent film to fruition.

Samantha MangoHOF2