Hall of Fame

Nick Lyons

As Executive Editor of Crown Publications, Nick began the Sportsman’s Classics series which published or republished the backbone of angling authors including Art Flick, Vince Marinaro, and Poul Jorgensen. Later at Lyons Press, he published more than one hundred fly fishing titles, including old and new books by Lee and Joan Wulff, Ed Van Put, Mac Francis, Lefty Kreh, and a host of other great angling authors.  Nick is also the author of twenty books, most of them on fly fishing.  Appearing for twenty five years in the Seasonable Angler column for “Fly Fisherman” magazine, Nick brought his unique prospective to the angling community.

His response to all his accolades can be summed up in this typical Nick Lyons quote “Despite all of the fishing in print I have read and edited, my fly fishing skills are best suited to bluegills”.

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