Hall of Fame

Julia Freeman Fairchild

Co-founder and first president of the Woman Flyfishers Club, the world’s first- organization of the female fly fishers, 1932.   Julia Fairchild is quoted “ I think there is an equality of sexes in fishing that is entirely different from any other sport.  We never had the slightest feeling with any of our fishing men that we weren’t just as good as they were. In fact, it never occurred to any of us that we were men or women: we were fishermen.”  In Mac Francis’ book, Land of Little Rivers:“ Julia opened the door for women to unite and enjoy their fishing pleasures in their own environment”  Julia Fairchild maintained a guiding spirit of the Woman Flyfishers Club as president for 47 years.  She led the Woman Flyfishers with commitment, to a leading role in conservation, to fishing retreats which build friendships. Julia Fairchild was a trail blazer.

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