Hall of Fame

Joe Humphreys

Joseph Humphreys is an internationally known flyfisherman, conservationist, author, and educator.

As a flyfishing instructor for over 40 years, Joe’s students have included school children and dignitaries including former President Jimmy Carter, Vice President Richard Cheney. He’s taught celebrities such as basketball-coaching legend Bobby Knight, actor Liam Neeson, and many others

Joe authored numerous books and articles on the sport of Fly Fishing including: TroutTactics, Trout Tactics Revised, and On the Trout Stream. In addition to these major, well respected works, he is a regular contributor to regional and national journals and periodicals including: Fly Fisherman, OutdoorLife, Pennsylvania Angler and is the fly fishing column editor of Flvrod and Reel Magazine.

Nationally, Joe is known as one of the foremost educators in angling. For nineteen years he directed the angling program at the Pennsylvania State University, providing introduction and foundation to young and old for a life-long enjoyment of this sport. His students have become the advocacy base that our waters will always require.  He has lectured and enhanced the reputation of  flyfishing in over 130 cities across the US.

Joe shared his knowledge via television and video by hosting the first national fly fishing series on US television on ESPN’s Fly Fishing Journal. On video, he was the featured instructor on three fly fishing videos: The FlyFishing Series with Vestron and Live Entertainment. He also produced his own: A Casting Approach to Nymphing Tactic; A Casting Approach to Dryfly Tactics in the Brush; The Night Game; A Casting Approach to Flyfishing to Catch Fish, Not Just to Cast; and The Dryfly and the Top Water Game.

Throughout Joe’s career as a fly fisherman he participated in many activities including The US Flyfishing Team’s, One Fly contests and others worldwide.  His long-time participation in the sport has earned him numerous awards for conservation and environmental education, flyfishing education and contributions to charitable organizations.

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