Hall of Fame

Joan Stoliar

With the energy of an army, there wasn’t anything that could hold Joan Stoliar back.  She was an accomplished fly fisher and fly tyer.  Joan was an activist within the fly fishing community, promoting and protecting clean and healthy trout water.  Joan dedicated her life to making fly fishing better for everyone.  She founded two important programs, Project Access and Trout in the Classroom that continue to grow.  She contributed to the design of several fly fishing titles including Jorgensen’s and the historical book The Dettes. Her efforts touch everyone from the prospective fly fisher to the most experienced.  Finally, her business, Fly Tyers Carry All, was designed to make innovative products that would aid the fly fisher. Most recognized is the Folstaf, a product that many flyfishers rely on day in and day out. Joan’s contributions of the past will continue to ensure fly fishing futures while touching many individuals along the way.

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