Hall of Fame

Frank B. Smoot

Frank Smoot was a born conservationist working on the Migratory Game Bird Act in 1928 at the age of 22 and in 1930 became the Youth Conservation Director of the Maryland State Game & Fish Protective Association.  This position was the beginning of his long commitment to conservation and his devotion to educating the youth in fly fishing.  An early member of the Brotherhood of the Jungle Cock, he was also one of the original organizers of the Maryland Wildlife Federation working with many youth groups including The 4H and Boy Scouts of America.  An accomplished nature artist, Frank, up until his death in May 2006 just weeks shy of his 100th birthday, would provide sketches to all of the children attending Brotherhood of the Jungle Cock gatherings.  His long term commitment to the youth of our country in the education of conservation and cold water fisheries was unparalleled.

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