Hall of Fame

Doug Swisher & Carl Richards

In 1971, this dynamic duo turned the fly fishing world on its collective hare’s ear by marrying the science of entomology with fly-tying in the book Selective Trout.  In it, they introduced a radical new concept to dry fly fishing, the no-hackle dry fly, giving picky trout an imitation fly with a more convincing, natural silhouette; and anglers a new arsenal of deadly fly patterns.

Championed by Joe Brooks in Outdoor Life and drawing upon the works of such legends as Flick, Schwiebert and Marinaro, these two gentlemen went allover the eastern and western US trout streams collecting bugs, taking pictures, classifying their findings and then developing entirely new types of life-like trout flies.  Under the critical eye of the editor, Nick Lyons, they produced for Crown Publishing the largest selling fly fishing book at 200,000+ copies.  They went on to write well received follow-up books like:  Fly Fishing Strategy, Stoneflies and Emergers.

Samantha Mango