Hall of Fame

Don Zahner

In 1969, Fly Fisherman magazine was founded by Don Zahner. The concept for the publication was first introduced to an elite faction of  fly fishermen (including Phil Wright, Ernie Schwiebert and Andy Puyans) in the back of a van on the banks of Montana’s Madison River. With the support of this group, Fly Fisherman magazine became a reality.  It provided, for the first time, an exclusive forum and exchange of information for the dedicated fly fisherman. The word “purist” was used to describe the flock.  Their close-knit world became closer through the publication of articles about far-off places along with articles by noted fly fishermen on how to, where to, when to, and why. Don’s contribution was more than simply the creation of a magazine: He built a society that was once hidden from the general outdoors population. He was not just an editor because his column, Anglish Spoken Here, provided us with history, laughter, reflection and advice. It was Don’s forum and he made great use of it. And now, Anglish is spoken not only here, but everywhere.

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