Gift Shop

Our Museum store, offers an extensive collection of gifts for both anglers and non-anglers.  You can browse through a wonderful assortment of quality, books, artwork, home décor, apparel, and exclusive CFFCM logo merchandise. Every purchase directly benefits the Museum.  Members of the CFFCM receive 10% off gift shop purchases.  Books, new and used are discounted to members at 20% (unless otherwise noted).

CFFCM Memberships are the perfect gift for every fisherman!  Each new member will receive a fly fishing book and our monthly newsletter – the Castabout.  There are discounts to our events and activities and free admission to the Museum, Wulff Gallery and Heritage Craft Center. Questions about CFFCM merchandise can be directed to 845-439-4810 or email

Browse our gifts and know that with each purchase you are supporting the CFFCM.